Sara Ibrahim

Sara is a writer & journalist, passionate about amplifying Middle Eastern & North African voices.

Born in Cairo & growing up in Chicago, she is currently based in Evanston pursuing a degree in Legal Studies and Political Science at Northwestern University.

Her work has been featured in NYLON, GQ Middle East, CairoScene’s music section SceneNoise, & more. Sara’s work reflects her diverse range of interests spanning from culture, art, & music to foreign policy, protest, & politics. Her work highlights the stories of the diaspora and third-culture experience.

Alongside freelance writing, Sara currently works as an editorial intern at the Council on Foreign Relations. She's also the president of the Middle Eastern North African Student Association and has been featured on CBS News for the organization’s advocacy work.

The MENA Student Association has successfully launched an Arabic minor at Northwestern, increased visibility for MENA students, and is currently petitioning for increased study abroad options in the region.

She is also passionate about community work, raising over $43,000 for a residential home for children with disabilities in Egypt in her older brother’s memory.

Selected Press